Complete toolkits to get your new business up and running.

Starting your new business can be expensive and a risk for most people. So much relies on the absolute necessities you need to get your business up and running, but no matter what – you will always come to the point when you need a professional logo and promotional materials so that when you do hand out those fliers, post those posters, or run those direct mail campaigns – you start out on track with everything you need to get your message out there.

As a small business in Alaska, we understand the funds are limited when starting a new business – however, marketing and branding play equal roles in the success of your business.

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Basic Business Toolkit

If you are looking for just the staples to get your business going, get your name out there and get new contacts – this toolkit is perfect for you and your for your budget. With this minimal toolkit, you get a professionally designed logo and business card design. Logos will be supplied in all formats, so you can get the word out digitally, by print materials or screen printing for your new hats or apparel. You also get eye catching social media (facebook, google+, etc) banners so you can start getting those recommendations and referrals you work so hard for.


• Logo Design
• Business Card Design
• Facebook Banner

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Premium Business Toolkit

Our premium business marketing toolkit has everything under on price so you know exactly how much to budget for. The premium business toolkit includes:

• Logo Design
• Business Card Design
• Facebook Banner
• One Printed Piece Design (ie: flier, poster, rack card)
• Website Design (1-5 pages)*

*Website design does not include domain and hosting fees.

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