We do not have a certain design style that we must apply to every project but we do have a certain standard – and that is to give it all we have to make your brand successful. We want our clients to be proud to share their brand to associates and future prospects and look forward to seeing their brand out there getting noticed. We deliver complete brand identity kits with logos, color codes, fonts and imagery you have to represent your business or organizations brand.


We specialize in business branding - which will start with a logo design. From there we build towards the goal of creating a consistent brand that will be long lasting and easily recognized. In our branding toolkits, you will find all of the necessary files and materials to begin your brand successfully including high quality print files, vector graphics, digital graphics for social media and sharing, color palettes with ink and web codes and a branding & style guide booklet depending on the size of your brand and it’s requirements.


If you are hosting a fundraiser or event that requires materials such as save the dates, posters, email campaigns, promotional items, etc. we can help you with that. Some events we have worked on are The Great Alaska Aviation Gathering, AACA Convention & Trade Show, Great Alaska Martial Arts Tournament & Festival and we have been working with the Alaska VA for the National Veterans Golden Age Games which are being held in Anchorage, Alaska this year!

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Need a new plan Stan?

We offer marketing plans in the areas that need a boost with your online presence, direct mail campaigns, social media presence and more. Trunk Creative offers project management plans and business services for those who need to dedicate their time to other priorities.We offer printing services & delivery, schedule vendors for estimates, manage websites, schedule email campaigns and more! Give us a call and let’s talk about the possibilities.